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By Momentum Editor (@momentumtravels)     20 Jan 2017

Cooking videos might not be big news, but the miniature versions are…

Storyteller, artist and YouTuber Jay Baron’s miniature cooking videos are fast becoming an internet sensation.

There’s something mesmerizing about watching someone meticulously make food one-tenth its normal portion—and as a matter of fact, about 300,000 people agree.

Baron, who started his YouTube channel ‘Walking with Giants’ about 10 months ago, has just created this miniature pad Thai dish exclusively for Momentum Travel.

We chat with him about expressing his creativity in miniature.

What inspired you to create these mini food videos?

I wanted to find something I could start creating completely out of my comfort zone in art.

I normally stick to more Baroque-styled, controversial artwork and this was something that was completely the opposite of that. It’s quirky. It’s cute. And it’s simply created to bring joy to people.

Creating within a 2’x2’ box and entertaining people was a part of that challenge for me.

It’s fun to see the reactions these videos get and it’s opened my mind to creating other forms of artwork that I never would have considered in the past.

What is the most difficult mini dish you’ve made?

I would have to say my miniature Thanksgiving video was my most difficult video.

I had to create a small turkey out of a turkey fillet and rig together a skeleton out of wire to give it the appearance of a small turkey.

Every single video has its challenges, but that to date has been my biggest challenge.

Which is your favorite video so far?

It’s always my last video. I honestly enjoy all of my videos, but I’m always looking for ways to push the boundaries too. Because of that, my last video always seems to become my favorite until I create the next one.

My first video does hold a lot of sentiment for me though, because that’s where this series all started. So that one is definitely up there for me as well.

Which dishes are still on your wish list?

I try to ask my fans what they would like me to create and out of all of those answers I usually get a good number of future video ideas.

I always enjoy making my dessert and breakfast videos though, so possibly something falling in that category.

Any ideas on a future series that’s not mini food?

Yeah! Absolutely. I’m starting a future series on my channel called ‘The Life of Jay’. It will be all about my personal life as an artist.

It will show all the craziness, passion, drama and excitement that goes on in my day-to-day life.

I’d like to let my fans connect with me and my content on a more personal level and this series will allow me to achieve that. I will probably be launching that series late 2017, so be ready!

For a normal-sized pad Thai, check out our recipe here.

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